“You made my mum eat poo”

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

‘The lawyer for the family who were allegedly served human faeces in gelato at the Coogee Bay Hotel in early October said today that offers by the hotel of DNA tests and container test results were stunts.

Yesterday, Adam Wood, the former executive chef at the Coogee Bay Hotel offered to undergo a DNA test if it would clear his name, while the hotel released a statement late yesterday that said the three-litre container from which the scoops of gelato had come had been cleared of any contamination.

But the lawyer for the Whyte family, Steven Lewis, labelled as a stunt both the hotel’s test results and proposed DNA testing of its staff.

While the tub from which the gelato came might have been cleared of contamination, all that mattered was that the ice-cream Mrs Whyte put in her mouth contained faeces, as independent tests ordered by the Whytes showed, he said.’

All of which led little Whyte Jr. to the heart-wrenching accusation that is the title of this post. Tut, tut. What would Gillian McKeith think?