You know something is wrong with the world if

1. You visit a bar that only stocks black olives.

2. You ignore the above and order a very DRY VODKA martini, with a twist. (Repeat the DRY and VODKA as servitron nods, just to make sure).

3. You are presented with a margarita glass full of some yellowish looking liquid, a couple of ice cubes, a slice of lemon, and a straw.

4. You keep it civil and order a vodka-lime instead. You get something that looks more like cream soda in a highball than an aperitif.

5. You go somewhere else, only to eat an entire lamb shank, washed down with a rather plummy aged Cabernet Sauvignon, on a hot muggy evening, and spend the next two hours wishing you had stuck to bubbly and a salad (or ice-cream?).


You know something is very right with the world if

None of the above really matters. There’s always another day, like today, where lunch will be had at the purportedly lovely Cassia restaurant at Nitida Wine Estate (the only one in the Cape, incidentally, that has the good sense to turn their shiraz into champagne).