A wine worth waiting for

A little over two years ago I hid a special bottle of wine in a special cake. You can’t see much here, but this is me revealing my surprise to my new husband.

I chose it because he told me it was his favourite. I had never tasted it myself, and since that day I’ve been looking forward to finally pulling it out of our small collection of wines earmarked for some future special occasion. We’ve spoken about drinking it on our fifth anniversary, or some such weighty (and horribly far off) date.

Well last night we had some friends for dinner who had recently celebrated their tenth anniversary, and the evening happily turned out to be perfect for sharing a special bottle of wine.

So it’s gone now. But what a beautiful wine, and what a lovely and unexpected way to enjoy it. It’s nice to collect nice things (especially nice wine!), but so easy to forget that half the point of keeping something is to be able to enjoy it too.

Of course this wine is so good it could probably have kept very well for another five years. But we did it no disrespect by ending its life when we did. We will have to restrain ourselves with its 2006 sibling, still snug in its cellar spot. But how sweet to know that in three years or so I have another taste of the good stuff lined up (not to mention all the other pretty good stuff I’ll be enjoying along the way). It’s a lovely life I’m in, and it all started with a bottle of wine in a cake…

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  1. as one of the fortunate beneficiaries, I think one should wax lyrical about a stonkingly good wine. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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