Who is the smushiest of them all?

Continuing the pretend theme, I forgot to mention that our smushi dinner the other night culminated in a rare sighting – and tasting – of a quartet of petit fours from the esteemed Fat Duck in Bray (that’s in INGLAN).

There was a playing card, which looked just like a Queen of Hearts, but which turned out to be two weh-feh thin layes of white chocolate separated by a layer of something fruity (!). There was something which looked like a toffee but which tasted like an entire mouthful of apple pie (!). There was something chocolaty, which didn’t survive the journey all to well, and so I don’t remember what it was pretending to be.

My own favourite was the “coconut baccie”, which looked like a not-so-distant relative of my own beloved Golden Virginia,

but which tasted (and still does) of coconut.

That Heston is quite a genius.

In other news, this just in from Swaziland (Google it):

Due to the good rain and hot climate the Violin Spider is moving into
Houses.  It is often seen as a ‘Daddy longlegs’ spider and not the dangerous
Violin spider.
Please take note of this spider – it is very dangerous.
Please warn kids and send to everyone you know to alert them as well!
This spider is breeding at a rate of speed and is found in more and more
South-African houses!!!!”

So let’s all be thankful we’re not there this silly season (condolences to friends who are), and get on with the silliness in a good and responsible fashion. Good luck to you all.

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