United Colours of Google

These chocolate pots are not what I had for breakfast, nor what I will be having at any point today. But they came up in conversation yesterday over steak and red wine, so naturally I had to Google them this morning. In fact they are not chocolate pots at all, but, according to Nigella, Molten Chocolate Babycakes, and she assures that “their intensity guarantees the triumph of chic over prettiness”. Indeed.


Right now they remind me of my steak, which was slightly undercooked when it first came to the table, and later returned thoroughly charred after I had asked for another minute or two on the grill. That and all the red wine and all the chocolate talk made for a rather brown-themed food evening. (Bill Buford in Heat talks about how all the food in Tuscany is brown: beans, red wine, stews, bread soaked in stews, beans stewed in wine, wine stewed in beans, you name it).

The truth is I’m not much interested in brown food today, as one seldom is after stewing in red wine. My brunch was decidedly white and green themed: fresh panini from my local Checkers (who do a remarkably good imitation of Italian bread), lettuce, cucumber, a few slices of Edam cheese. It was all fresh and good, and I think I’ll stick to that colour scheme for today.

Let’s see then, I’ve done the bread and cheese. That leaves apples, popcorn, possibly a handful of peanuts (skinless of course), and lots of water. Come sunset maybe, just maybe, a glass of white wine. Now doesn’t that look good?