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  1. this was a fine man who made a huge impression on everyone who knew him. it was a great privelege to have worked with him and learned from him. his friendship and that of all his family I count as one of my greatest blessings.I still work in the areas of Swaziland where his impact is there as testimony to a great humanitarian

  2. one of my most cherished memories is listening to Old Jazz with this gentlemen at his home is Swaziland; whenever i hear Louis Armstrong i smile and my heart ticks that unknowable beat that is the imprint great souls leave with us. Early one very cold weekend morning after a crazy nightout that left my ford cortina stuck in a shallow ditch, i was standing by the roadside cursing my friends comfortably nursing their hangovers in warm beds when this giant shadow materialised beside me – it was mr Hansen my jazz buddy who single handedly dragged my cortina out of the nasty ditch and on to the main road, i swear the winch he attached was just for my benefit, the man pulled the car out with muscle. He was a esoteric force of nature and his memory a constant inspiration.

  3. Thanks to you both for your comments and memories. Lovely to be reminded of another super-Uffe story, Warren. He had that effect…

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