Treasures from afar

So it was a happy conclusion to many long days (of which the last was possibly the longest? I am convinced that there were actually two hours disguised in every one of yesterday’s) that I could collect the Philosophe from the labyrinthine mess of Cape Town’s “International Airport” last night.

Today I’m wearing a t-shirt that says “I wish I was in Lake Tahoe. This place sucks”, which as he pointed out when he bought it, I actually needed then, not now. But it’s cute (as they no doubt say over there).

And having finally comes to terms with my brownie hell this weekend with what I consider a successful batch (indeed a return to the first ones I ever made, but now with the right size tin) now stashed in the freezer as I had promised, what was my other surprise gift?


Original Supreme Brownie Mix (with Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chunks). I have never, ever, never, ever (that was never, ever) baked anything out of a box. I have refused, even for muffins. Then again, there was a day I vowed I would never bake a cake in a microwave. So yes, bloody Betty Crocker may undo me yet. (Though I seriously suspect not: they will be too sweet. Too fudgy. Too chewy. Too fake. Too good. Too damn right).

(In fairness, I did jokingly suggest he should bring me exactly that when I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted from over there. Be careful what you wish for).

My philosophe knows me well, so on the day I munch Betty Crocker brownies wearing my Lake Tahoe t-shirt, I can look forward to many hours of smoking the 1 kilogram of Golden Virginia tobacco I now own (don’t say a word, mother – it will last me till Christmas), followed by some Eclipse Chewing Gum which promises not only INCREDIBLY FRESH BREATH, but is also (astoundingly!) Naturally Germ Killing.


I wonder which germs the gum will be targeting – perhaps some of the ones lurking in the host of unpronouncable chemical additives used to manufacture the stuff? Yes, Michael Pollan would be appalled. But this doctor likes her gum, so back off. (Funnily enough, Cadbury’s has apparently challenged Wrigley’s germ-killing claims. Pot of chocolate calling kettle of gum fake? You gotta love America).