New times

I didn’t make these cute chicken pies – they were gifted by a dear friend who had just acquired a new set of Le Creuset ramekins. Which means the ramekins are no longer in the kitchen, having been returned to their rightful owner after we had scoffed their delicious contents.

I didn’t make that holly border on the picture either (I don’t think I’ve ever come across real holly in real life, come to think of it) – that’s a debatably nifty feature from picnik, a new link I just discovered in Picasa.

And neither am I the author of this stylish new look on my blog – that’s thanks to the Philosophe, my very favourite, and very own, tech geek. (Check it out – I have a Like button!)

But it does seem clear that if anything is worth celebrating in this properly silly season of gratuitous excess, it is the good fortune of knowing people who like to do things to make you smile (which includes feeding you lunch: thanks K, and J, and the good nameless people who come up with ways to put silly borders around your pictures, among the many rest of you out there).