This is not a cupcake


It is the equivalent, rather, of three slices of pizza. So says the Diet Detective in a recent piece on how fattening New York’s cupcakes are. The Detective’s findings are sure to sprout plenty of guilty conscience, or, perhaps a whole lot of jogging, as he helpfully points out that a six-mile jog should work off one of these babies.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, and thank goodness for the earnest efforts of people who tirelessly calculate calories and how best to avoid them. But – and excuse me for pointing out the obvious – if you go into a “bake shop” like Crumbs, whence this cupmonster hails, and where the ‘emphasis is on size‘ (including fillings like Snickers slices, Oreo pieces, and M&Ms), not to mention 1.5cm of icing, how exactly could it not be Bloody Obvious that the thing has significantly more calories than an apple?