There’s more to life than rumballs

If you have, like me, decided that there’s no point in Christmas (which is silly anyway) being confined to just one day of the year and that it therefore makes sense to extend the silliness into an entire week, you can keep yourself and a glass of wine busy on a Monday afternoon with, for example, coconut eggs. Take these (a mixture of coconut, butter and a touch of ginger, heated, shaped and set in the fridge):


And dip them into this:


Followed by a sprinkle of coconut, and you get these babies:


Or you can get creative by tweaking David Leite’s recipe for spiced, toasted nuts, here flavoured with a touch of sugar, plenty salt, cumin, heavy on the cayenne and, as our friend Jamie puts it, just a “gesture” of cinammon.


Porn shot:


Now who wouldn’t welcome a bag of those in their stocking?