The proof is in the crack

I wasn’t happy when I woke up this morning, because the flu/cold/snottiness/feeling-sorry-for-myself that I have successfully avoided thus far this winter announced itself unambiguously with one of those coughs which would have been enough to keep me home from school back in the day.

After demanding porridge for breakfast (I am clearly not myself), I could think of little else to keep myself occupied but to bake. Since I never got round to making the second batch of croissants, I used the leftover dough to magic some little cinnamon rolls which went well with our midmorning coffee. But I had to keep going (silly to waste all that oven heat), so without stopping to consider the potential folly of yet another brownie experiment, I just went for it.

I measured, I melted stuff, I chopped other stuff, I whipped eggs and sugar, and I brought it all together with confident strokes, including a handful of dried cranberries which seemed appropriate. Only once I put the pan in the oven did I stop to wonder why I was setting myself up for more disappointment. That feeling continued when I checked on them for  the first time and didn’t find the dry surface I was looking for.

But then. Then then then. Magic. Cracks!


I don’t think I’ve ever been so delighted with something that actually looks quite ugly. But my brownies cracked for the first time, which means I have finally cracked the brownie. I can’t tell you what they taste like, though the batter was good and chocolatey, so I’m pretty sure they’re PERFECT. Anyway, who cares – they cracked!

Speaking of cracks, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this “onion blossom” at dinner the other night.


See what’s going on there? An entire onion, manhandled with some kind of machine that cuts just until the base (a French fry cutter??), then battered and the whole thing is deep fried. Like a savoury Terry’s Chocolate Orange (remember those? Yum).

Brilliant concept, though unfortunately not pulled off very well – it was soggy and not that nice to eat. But the idea is duly poached, and my deep-fryer already begins to beckon…

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