The killers at large

So I’m watching this documentary, Killer At Large. It’s about obesity, in case you missed the pun. And after one talking head in the form of a rabbi, I start noticing how more and more talking heads are actually talking churches. There’s the imam, there’s the reverend, there’s the monseigneur. This must be truly “objective”, in other words, since all the world’s religions are safely represented. And no sooner had I made this observation than the next talking head was Michael Pollan.

Need I say more?

Of course there are lots of medical doctors saying things too. ‘We live in an “obesogenic environment” ‘.’ True hunter-gatherers that we are, we’re all genetically programmed to not stop eating until all the food is gone’. Which begs the question: why, then, aren’t we ALL obese, and in the tragic situation of “having to” undergo liposuction at the age of twelve?

Well that’s because beneath all the talk of obesity as viral, global, “not your fault” (ie. BEWARE, it can GET YOU too),  is a beautifully masked lie that we are all the same. It’s this absurd game of political correctness for a bunch of “experts” to sit around and blame the environment (rather than people who just eat too much), when what they’re clearly doing is pitching their own tents on a desert island – somewhere naturally unaffected by the Plague. If it did come by, it would probably see that they have PhDs and grass-fed beef in their fridges, and just waft on by to the next Twinkie-sucking sucker. (It’s a clever Plague).

Me, I blame it all on the penny polony.

My friends gave me this and I didn’t eat it. Is something wrong with me?

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