3 Replies to “The Hearts of the Country”

  1. aarh Reeces… reeces…aarh…

    given up alcohol for lent – a dumbass thing to do but that whisky looks dangerous even from afar…

    i do love the US, it’s surreal but real and supasized.

  2. 302, I bet you can find Reese’s even in your neighbourhood, only you might struggle to get Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, or funky chunky or whatever they call it…

    As for the Kentucky Bourbon, it was surprisingly smooth, and did its work nicely.

  3. ooh excellent – b&j is just too much to deal with, i crave wasabi peas!

    cinnamon flavour tick-tacks was the last good thing that i complained about that i had in the US and now you get urhm here.

    and your airport saga – the only time i never got special treatment was when i left Miami – i wonder why, i wonder? every other time i’ve got gassed in the booth – and “was good to go!”

    so 39 more alcohol free days to go you are just gonna have to tell me about how good the bourbon tastes – got a few bottles on this end that i drink occasionally when Ben’s about, all worth trying.

    bon voyage.

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