the best and the worst

Well the day started out on a pretty shitty note. By lunchtime I had had to deal with two different sets of students who hadn’t prepared for class. I walked out on the second bunch. It was my first walk-out and in retrospect it was as exhilerating as it was infuriating. At the time, though, it was only infuriating. I was pretty fed up with the whole business.

But a chance encounter with an artist friend had me posing for his life drawing class this evening. Yes, life = nude. And yes, it was my first life session.

It was a very interesting experience, and one which I will, in fact, recommend. I think my “moment” was about half-way into the first hour when I got over my self-consciousness because I realised that no one was looking at “me” but simply the potentially interesting contours that my body may produce. We were doing one-minute poses so I tried to think of interesting contours that my body might produce. During the break everyone said I was great, that I was doing some ‘really interesting’ poses (I wonder if Hiddingh has CCTV?).

And then I thought I would come home and tell people that that was the easiest X amount of money I had ever made. But the second hour killed that idea. It is f**king excruciating to stand absolutely still for 15 mins. I did get to sit down for the last session, but had to maintain the pose for 30 mins. Ouch! You try and sit still for that long.

Still, it was good. Different. A bit like getting a tattoo (another experience I can recommend).

So, I come home with enough to buy my car a tank of petrol, and bad day turns to good. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.