Telling it like it is

MFK Fisher on single men who cook:

‘Their approach to gastronomy is basically sexual, since few of them under seventy-nine will bother to produce a good meal unless it is for a pretty woman. Few of them at any age will consciously ponder on the aphrodisiac qualities of the dishes they serve forth, but subconsciously they use what tricks they have to make their little banquets, whether intimate or merely convivial, lead as subtly as possible to the hoped-for bedding down.’

7 Replies to “Telling it like it is”

  1. This is such a nice post, a great forerunner to your ethics post and its ambiquity and nuances.

    It got me thinking, on many levels again.

    Then I ordered Tampopo to really make it straight forward.

  2. Beware of Tampopo, it will send you on the futile search for the perfect noodle, this time really nowhere in your neighbourhood…

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