World Cup Fever: Ay Pacoquita!

It’s been called the Brazilian Reese’s. But it’s more than that. Let me introduce you to the Pacoquita.

On the outside, a happy peanut:

IMAG1966On the inside, salty sweet crumbly peanut fudgy goodness:



Now, the only reason I have the conceit to blog about these babies is that the Philosophe and I face what my erstwhile chef-teacher used to call a “positive problem”. It is that (on my instruction) recently our dear sailor friend, who lives on some ridiculously Eden-like farm in Brazil (there is a cinnamon grove), brought us as many packets of these as he could carry. But he unfortunately forgot to check their best before dates (imminent), which means we now have to think of a way to consume a lot of these fast.

So, glut of Pacoquita + couple of fading apples = fabulous World Cup cake!



Apparently they’re also good crumbled on ice cream. Or sprinkled on toast with mashed banana (huh?). Or just popped straight into your mouth for a quiet explosion of peanut, salt and sugar. World of Peanut Butter, take note.

I believe that nothing bad can come from these. Except, of course, for the extra burden on that poor, down-trodden scale.