No, actually don’t try this at home

“When I see a picture of someone who’s really hugely fat,” Nigella Lawson once told a talk-show host, “I don’t think ‘how hideous’. I think how delicious it must have been to get there”.

Not so Katie Hopkins, who earlier this year embarked on her very own ridiculous “Fat Story“. The conceit*: put on 3-4 stone (that’s about 25 kg) and lose it again to show how easy it is – or rather, that all fat people need is a kick up the arse.

If you haven’t heard of her,¬†this is all you need: she calls herself the biggest bitch in Britain, and was apparently ranked the second most loathed person in the world, after Vladimir Putin. Perfect person for the job, right?

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Hammers, sugar and Jamie Oliver

JO taxesThere goes Jamie Oliver again, mouthing off where he has no business, and upsetting the Twitterati:

JO tweetAnd although I briefly jumped on that bandwagon, I’m going to go out on a limb here and defend him for once. Or rather, to try to shift the focus. Because so what if he thinks sugar should be taxed? People much more qualified than Jamie Oliver have already pointed out that the idea of sin taxes is simplistic,¬†unrealistic, and largely ineffective. So until we actually see indications of policy decisions based on the ramblings of a celebrity chef (which yes, has indeed happened in the past), then let him say what he likes.

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No, Coca Cola. You may not comment on obesity.

So Coca Cola has made a new ad in which, as I tweeted yesterday, the [*big evil*] corporation ‘dares to consider itself part of the solution to obesity’:

In my tweet I also predicted that the grumps would be arriving, and of course they have. A sample of comments from YouTube:

‘I really wonder how you guys can sleep at night. This is TOTAL BULLSHIT.’

‘An advert showing that we are still being taught that all calories are the same and energy balance is the key to weight loss/gain. What a load of rubbish! Shame on you all…..’

‘I see what you people did here. You’re smart, people at coca cola.You people took what the tobacco industry did and adjusted it to fit your needs. What tobacco companies do is put label that tell you not to smoke. Now smokers associate “don’t smoke” signs with cigarettes. Coca cola is attempting to associate its brand with calorie counting. … [Reluctantly concluding] As a student in my university’s college of business, i appreciate your hustle.’

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