GMO: Godawful Modus Operandi

I’ve been avoiding watching the film OMG GMO because I knew it would be irritating. It did not disappoint. It was misinformed and manipulative on so many levels – I mean, this man dresses up his children in gas marks to walk through a field of GM crops. Children of the corn indeed.


So if you want to learn anything constructive about the GM debate, don’t bother watching this film.

However, it can teach you a bunch of other useful things, as pointed out in a couple of reviews that get it just right.

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What the hell is “Foodness”?

Most people probably have an opinion on the issue of food labels. Here is Michael Pollan, specifically on the labelling of GMO foods, up for the “Prop 37” vote in California in a few weeks time (Pollan notes that should the proposition pass, it could ‘change the politics of food not just in California but nationally too,’ ideally subverting the ‘power of Big Food.’ In other words, he considers this to be a pretty big deal). In Pollan’s camp, here is Mark Bittman with a description of his ideal food label. Here is a response from Tyler Cowen on why Bittman’s ideal is myopic and naive. Here is Ivo Vegter with a local perspective.

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