Don’t look now: ugly food!

OK, that was a ruse. I will not show you pictures of ugly food, but if you’d like to see some, you can head on over to the Daily Mail, who today are featuring this ridiculous piece:

Just take a moment to read paragraphs two and three of this “story” again, and behold a wonderful example of non-evidence-based argumentation. I’ll summarise:

Fact 1: Nigella tweets some pictures of ugly food/ugly pictures of food

Fact 2: More than 250,000 followers regularly “gobble” up her recipe posts, including these pictures of ugly food/ugly pictures of food.

Conclusion: She could be in danger of losing followers.

What’s missing here? What sort of thing might indicate that there is an actual danger of her losing followers, and that this might be in any way related to ugly pictures of food/pictures of ugly food?


Yes, maybe some facts and figures about how she actually is losing followers would do it.

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“Losing weight the Nigella way”

Fancy dropping a couple of dress (or pant) sizes? Well, Nigella Lawson just has, and so can you! All you have to do is eat like her, which the Daily Mail has helpfully condensed into the following handy chart – note how their source is dutifully acknowledged (‘According to her Twitter’), like proper journalism and all:

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