Sushi mania

Initially delighted at how many places are doing sushi and cocktail “specials”, it’s now become boring. Boring in the way that fashion becomes boring, because it’s become all too clear that restaurants are simply scrambling to keep up. Also boring because in just scrambling to be fashionable, too much of what you get is simply crap and not worth eating. How is it that one of the most artful of foods has become the most commonplace?

I admit that my amateurish approach to sushi is often little more than searching for a wasabi and ginger kick – and keep sashimi away – which is why I deigned to get a (non-sushi-specialist) supermarket take away for dinner one night and ended up with this:

As much as I like wasabi, it was difficult to get my appetite excited about that dull little turd (though admittedly, that came from a tube in my fridge, and has nothing to do with the supermarket in question). The actual sushi was fine. But nothing more.

Having recently sampled what some consider to be the best sushi in town, I’ve decided that there is no point in eating sushi that is just fine. It comes with a price, of course, because it’s not really about the wasabi but using superior ingredients all round (and yes, this should be an obvious reason to stay away from cheap sushi – if I can’t afford to buy a piece of fresh Norwegian salmon to cook in my kitchen, how could I imagine restaurants would just be giving the stuff away? Economics 101).

But happily there exists a middle ground. I can’t afford to eat the “best” all the time, but I do know a place where I can get a dependably good plate of sushi for no more than an overpriced salad or sandwich:

Need I say more? This is actually mouthwatering. (And that salmon did melt in the mouth)

I will say one more thing, though, about something better than a middle ground. And that’s our brand new kitchen, ready to roll as of today. And I also have a husband who is newly equipped with all the goodies to reproduce the above without having to leave the home. We got the rolling mat, the rice, the sake (NB!), the ginger. Hell, we even have ponzu sauce for the day that I deep-fry a soft shell crab destined for a spider roll. All I need now is a crab.