3 responses to “Surprise: people don’t eat what they’re told!”

  1. Jacques Rousseau

    Also, look at the things they overspent on – refined grains, red meat, sweets and cooldrinks. On the prudent diet’s own logic, the likelihood of obesity is clear.

  2. concerned

    EXACTLY- Great piece. This is exactly why I can’t believe the following editorial in BJSM was ever published http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2013/04/19/bjsports-2013-092440.extract … in which we read statements like this “Society is eating ‘low fat’ but getting fatter” where is the evidence for this I hear you ask (like me)- there is NONE and they referenced things like Taubes’ book or a web piece by Noakes (so not evidence) to (try) and back this up!?!- it looks like the evidence you provide here goes directly against this assertion (no surprise there).

  3. Christiaan Olivier (@ChristiaanOli5)

    They are not eating what they are told because it is not sustainable. LCHF is much more.

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