Sunday Roast


OK, so I started with dessert. A friend left some naartjies (tangerines? clementines?). As I mostly feel like tucking into a Golden Delicious when I’m in the mood for fruit, I decided to turn them into this cake. The recipe is for a moist orange cake, so I guess that makes it a moist naartjie cake (there’s a “glaze” on top, a syrup that doesn’t quite penetrate to make the entire cake soggy, but it’s moist and fluffy insde anyway, and the glaze just adds a bit of welcome stickiness to the top crust).

It’s pretty lovely actually. And nice to make something that is clean and simple. Eggs, sugar, butter, flour and citrus. Goes very nicely with strong milky coffee. (I’m sure tea would be good too)

For the next course, turkey thigh. I stuffed some sage and salami under its skin to keep it nice and moist, browned it with plenty of salt and pepper, a bit more salami and some onions:


Then a basic braising in the cast iron pot: add tomatoes, garlic, a liberal splash of white wine, small dollop of Dijon mustard, some chopped aubergine and more fresh sage. An hour and a half later, add some potatoes (note I found the nice ones with the red skins).


Possibly finish the turkey off under the grill for a crisp skin. Haven’t quite decided on that yet.