Stuff that works

I like recipes that work. But there are so many – too many – out there, and it can be hard work picking the right one. In a world of mucho information and, as they say, too little time (and a strong predilection for endless comparison, and for distraction along other avenues, like discovering a new brownie recipe when you’re really after the right vitello tonnato), the internet as a recipe resource can be truly nasty.

But this afternoon I managed to (mostly) block out all the noise and just let Nigel Slater do the talking. He coached me through a batch of lemon curd, and then a batch of meringues. I’ve tried my hand at both before, but never with great results.

I like Nigel Slater. He’s very calm. And his recipes make me feel like I can cook:

The Philosophe says he can “apparently cook too, but this is a hypothesis that I’d rather not subject to much testing, in that I fear the loss of a potentially undeserved reputation.” Yeah. Clever logic for staying out of the kitchen. Sometimes it works, but sometimes his hand is forced to the pan. Apparently that works too.

What a good idea I had, three years ago today, when I asked him to be my husband.

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