Sprout the Brussel

Here’s another important fact about me. I like brussel(s) sprouts. Nay, I love them. Just look at that, how can you not love them?

I don’t eat nearly enough of them. But if I did, I would always start by steaming them lightly (yes, this is why people don’t like them, they are always horribly overcooked). They can be perfect just like that, with a little knob of good butter and either a grind of nutmeg or some freshly grated pecorino. Another favourite: cooled, quartered and added to a salad of sweet leaves (butter lettuce is good), crumble some blue cheese and walnuts in there, finish off with a generous glug of olive oil and balsamic, fresh pepper and some crunchy salt.

Hmmm, glorious food.

(p.s. The explanation for this flurry of posting is that I am clearly hard at work. Deadlines!!)