Scenes from N’awleans

(Orleans Praline = what we call fudge)

(Orleans praline = what we call fudge)

Trump set to move in

City of vice:

Au naturel

Vehicles for drinking in public (this one is an “energizer”, but the margaritas rock too)

Home of the ham. We had the Ferdi po’boy special: a big (“regular”) piece of baguette stuffed with the famous ham, beef and “debris” (the bits of meat that fall off a roast into the gravy: it’s basically shredded beef, and probably the best part of an otherwise unspectacular sandwich)

A righteous credit policy

Mother’s famous bread pudding. See the bill for a grease index (any clever person would do what we did and not eat the rest)

These people probably ate the bread pudding (that’s the Mississippi in the background)