Returned, mostly unscathed

from Swaziland, where dangers lurk in things like this:

and this:

You will do well not to ask what’s in the bag. As you will not to ask too many questions about celebrations this weekend, marking 40 years of Swaziland’s independence. The cakes are as flamboyant as the king’s coffers:

Let’s wish them well, all the same. Life in small countries run by big egos isn’t always a piece of cake.

2 Replies to “Returned, mostly unscathed”

  1. I am pleased you liked Swaziland, but the party this weekend masks a really big problem. There are huge human rights issues in Swaziland. The king rules by decree, all political parties are banned and parliament has no real powers. Seven in ten people live in abject poverty earning less than one US dollar a day. Six in ten people rely on international food aid and four in ten are said to be moving from hunger to starvation. If you are interested in human rights issues in Swaziland come visit my blog

  2. Thanks for the comment, Richard. I actually grew up in Swaziland, so I am familiar with the story you sketch. Good to see you’re doing something to raise awareness.

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