The pudding that didn’t deserve a blog post

What it is?

Well, I’m going to do what no blogger should do, which is a) to share a failure with the world and b) put a half-baked, as-yet-unperfected idea out there. But I have enough faith in the brilliance of the idea to trust that if someone should perfect it before I do (because I do actually have other things to do with my life), that you’ll remember where you saw it first. And send me the recipe.

It’s a steamed ginger pudding with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in the centre.

It was inspired by Heston’s now-famous “Hidden Orange” Christmas Pudding (so famous that some tosser is actually trying to flog one for £10,000.00 on e-Bay!), but since one of our planned party is a card-carrying fruit-hater, I reckoned that replacing the fruity pudding with ginger and the orange with chocolate was genius. I could just see it: a perfectly normal-looking pudding, and when you slice into it, all the lovely orangey chocolate would ooze out, like a molten chocolate cake, just better.

Well I was wrong.

First I was incredibly wrong about the vessel I chose to steam my pudding in. This is what happened about 5 minutes into cooking time:

See all those beautiful cracks in the glass? Well, that’s shattered fucking Rosenthal Crystal! The shame overwhelms me even in memory, so best just move right along.

I’m not sure what else went wrong, actually. We certainly did the right thing in saving the orange before tossing the perhaps-glass-infested batter and making a brand new one. And then choosing an actual pudding basin. But the result was dry and the bloody chocolate did not ooze. Neither did it pop in our mouths, which I was optimistically hoping to achieve by using the Volcanic Popping Candy Orange.

Look, it certainly wasn’t horrid. It’s not the worst thing in the world to get a lump of ginger cake and squishy warm chocolate on the plate.

But this is not what we’re looking for. These oranges were destined for greatness.

Now I’m one down. Someone get me Heston right away before I do something stupid.

2 Replies to “The pudding that didn’t deserve a blog post”

  1. Bloody hell, I don’t think I’d have the guts to try it as everything I try to steam would rather stay in the bottom of the bowl. Great idea but I’d have to eat my Terry’s Chocolate orange (the best in the world) while looking on the net for a ginger pudding I could manage to bake. Keep trying and kind regards. Sue White, Randburg

  2. Thanks, Sue – heat waves have kept me away from any more steaming madness, but not eating chocolate, so the oranges are now long gone. But come winter, I suspect I’ll get right back to it…

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