Pet People

For those of you out there with dogs, here’s a friendly reminder from latest BBC Food newsletter:

“It is dangerous to feed chocolate to dogs. Chocolate contains varying quantities of theobromine, a natural stimulant found in the cocoa bean, which affects the central nervous system and heart of dogs and can result in fatal poisoning.”

So, no chokkie for the doggie.

If, however, you fancy feeding the fleabag a little ice-cream, that is Oh-Kay, as they say in the You Ess of Ay. You don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Frozen Dog Treats are Pawsitively Delicious!
“Now, two of the biggest names in the ice cream and dog food industry – Good Humor® and PEDIGREE® Brand – have come together to create the first real ice cream sandwich formulated especially for dogs. The new PEDIGREEâ„¢ Ice Cream Sandwich Treats for Dogs from Unilever Ice Cream’s Good Humor brand give pet owners the crème de la crème of treats they can reward to their loyal, four-legged friends.

Like humans, some dogs are lactose-intolerant and cannot enjoy ice cream. While PEDIGREEâ„¢ Ice Cream Sandwich Treats for Dogs are dairy-based and have a creamy texture like regular ice cream, they are 99 percent lactose free. They also have added protein and there is no sugar added. When the dairy mixture is placed between two wafers it creates a very fetch-friendly treat and the perfect reward for training, good behavior or as a refreshing snack.”

But wait! It doesn’t stop there. If you’re a fan of that US TV chef whose face has been remodelled into a constant, terrifying, huge smile, aka Rachael Ray, then she has an entire section on her website devoted to pet recipes. Now you too can make something for your DOG which looks like this:


It’s pumpkin barley with turkey. Too bloody ridiculous for words. (Uhm, just one question though. What’s with the FORK?)