Oh, Happy Days

I was about to write a happy post, inspired by this picture of my lovely niece Zahara:


Because that is a wonderful smile. If she were a tube of toothpaste, the stripey stuff would be all over the floor, that’s how much excitement she’s squeezing out of her little mouth. (I believe the occasion was the very thing she’s clutching: a new best friend who goes by the unassuming name of Sofie).

Which reminds me. I had a favourite thing like that too, except mine was a cool working bear, with overalls and a cap. And his name was Sofus!

But then my darling philosophe sent a link to a picture of a truly large spider, and poof! All the happy thoughts have left my mind, and I have to stop typing immediately and focus on paying attention to every single square centimetre of the kitchen (particularly the dark-ish corners that could be hiding a bent-at-the-disgusting-knee hairy leg).

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