It’s Numberwang!

It’s Saturday, and because I’ve been buying apples and not eating them (it seems that I too, ‘emotionally … don’t always feel like an apple‘), I decided to bake an apple cake.

When I told the Philosophe he laughed and said I couldn’t, because there’s no such thing as an apple cake.

I don’t know what planet he grew up on, but where I come from, that’s Numberwang!

If you don’t know numberwang what it is, you can catch up here:

And if you still don’t know, maybe the German version will help:

Now excuse me while I go pull my wangernumb out the oven. It’s looking (and smelling) fine, and in an hour or so, with a nice glass of crisp cold white wine, I may even be persuaded to forgive the blazing heat as I tuck into a slice of emotionally satisfying apple (and cardamom) goodness.

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