Not with a bang but a pop

So Christmas dinner was delightfully simple this year – bit of gammon, cucumber salad, sweet and tangy mustard, followed by Lindt’s new Tiramisu chocolate (which tastes suspiciously of tiramisu).

Also, the whole thing didn’t take much longer than for us to pop a bottle of bubbles and empty its contents. (As far as I’m concerned, Christmas is over when you hit the sack on the 24th, but that’s not a “cut and dried” case, I gather).

All of which meant that we woke up well rested and neither over- or under-fed on the morning of the 25th. And with no leftover (or from scratch) lunches to fear, we headed off to Canal Walk. This would have been brave on any other holiday, given its reputation for being the biggest shopping mall south of the Sahara, and its inevitable swarms of silly shoppers (croutons, as the Philosophe affectionately calls them). But on Christmas Day, this place is DEAD. So dead, in fact, that we were lucky to find an open place for us to have breakfast and exhibit some (post-)Christmas cheer. The Cattle Baron it was.

(Here we are exhibiting (post-)Christmas cheer)

After that we subjected ourselves to three hours of wearing silly glasses for the not-unejoyable thrill of watching weird creatures from Avatar try to leap out of the screen at us. The story was Copenhagen-flavoured mega-cheese (for a useful plot summary, go here), but the pterodactyls were cool.

Now if you like cheese, I recommend you watch Invictus. It tells, as its website flogs it, ‘the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon), to help unite their country.’  Yes. Where would we be without the rrrugby. Whatever. Matt Damon does a fair accent, and so does Morgan – when he doesn’t forget to – but beyond that, this is not just cheese. It’s fondue. Be advised.

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