New foodspeak: greatest (or worst) hits

From the Guardian:

Farmageddon – the greatest fear of opponents of the development of genetically modified food.

Dashboard dining – eating while motoring.

Mvvd – a male vertical volume drinker, a male who stands and drinks from bottles in a pub or bar.

Slider – a square shaped American hamburger.

Food Slut – a person who gives sexual favours for being wined and dined in quality establishments. [My, my, what has it come to!]

Hostage Lunch – food ordered in by an employer to keep employees at their desks. [Poor workerbees]

McQualification – Skill certification equivalent to an A-Level in restaurant management.

Heutrition – Nutritional choices based on the colours of fruits and vegetables eaten. [Should this be huetrition, and should the word “nutrition” be involved at all? I’d just call them quacks]