More wierd eel behaviour (now big in Japan)

To celebrate the beginning of eel-season, they’ve distilled the slippery buggers into a drink. Eel is apparently cooler than we think.

‘Kazunori Hayashi, spokesman for Japan Tobacco Inc, the makers of the drink, said it is “mainly for men who are exhausted by the summer’s heat”.’

(From The Independent, which also reports on Japanese Pepsi Ice Cucumber, and Coca Cola’s Water Salad drinks. Concusion: who needs salad? Drink Coke!).

This reminds me of the philosophe in the sweet shop at Caledon Casino the other day, where he commented on some freaky liquid candy. Philosophising, he suggested it was probably for people too lazy to chew their sugar. Well, I asked, isn’t that why they invented Coke in the first place?