More on punctuation

As someone who has always found it amusing to see the weekly specials outside my local Checkers or Pick’n Pay boldly advertised as “Baker’s Tennis Biscuits” or “Stork Margarine” because the irony of the ironic punctuation is (“literally”) lost, I enjoyed a recent New York Sun article on the same.

It seems, according to Jon McWhorter, that quotation marks are the new boldface

I’m only sorry I didn’t write something on it before him, because the article isn’t as funny or cool as it could be (and now it’s too late to not appear as a copycat). But I did enjoy his closing remarks:

‘My life would be poorer if a laundromat in my neighborhood did not display a bracingly skeptical sense of its own existence with its sign “CAROLINA’S.”

Indeed, the new boldface can be a vehicle of considerable philosophical nuance. I am still trying to figure out what one of my favorite signs, regretfully no longer extant, meant by advertising its salad bar with CREATE “A” SALAD.’

And on that note, I’m now heading out to Pick’n Pay to see what’s on irony this week, before I come back to finish my “marking”.