More bongs (and the wonders of spam)

So I’m sitting here pretending to work, but really scheming about what to make for dinner, and I end up reading a recipe on MaverickEats for pasta with sardines and goat’s cheese (how I got there is one of the great things about interwebbing and social networking – I’m mentally scanning through what’s in the kitchen, I know I want to make pasta, and I’m keen on using the tin of sardines in the cupboard, then I remember there’s goat’s cheese too, which I love, but can goat’s cheese and sardines work? Has anyone else out there been brave enough to try? Go google, and there you go: I’m not crazy after all!).

Anyhow, so the recipe looks good (I haven’t yet decided if it’ll work for the Philosophe, though usually when I assure him I didn’t invent it myself he loses his fear of some of my wierder concoctions), but it’s important to read comments too. Here’s the first one, from “costa rica”:

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The second comment is in Chinese, so there’s no intel to be had on the sardines and goat’s cheese combo. Now I just have a head full of bongs. I guess the philosophe will have to be brave tonight.

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