More on bananas, and a bit on POPCORN: the atheist’s best friend

Apropos a recent post on the possibility of the bananas dying out comes this illustration of what a banana-less world may look like (courtesy of tamlanca, who will otherwise remain unnamed):


And apropos that ridiculous claims of the god-fearing ilk that bananas testify in some way to the big bearded one’s glory, a(n inevitable) spate of responses on YouTube, including something about peanut butter, which unfortunately is taking forever to load so I cannot actually watch it, but according to second hand sources follows the logic of peanut butter providing further evidence against evolution because here is something which has gone through various processes and forces (as the world did in the early dark days when it was but a nugget of nothing) and yet neglects to sprout new life forms.

I’m not sure why peanut butter qualifies for this hypothesis and not, say, hamburgers, which have also undergone various processes and forces, and certainly would, I venture to guarantee, sprout new life forms if left for long enough. But without first hand knowledge of the peanut butter “evidence”, I’ll argue no further on that.

I will, instead, throw a handful of dried maize kernels in the proverbial Christian’s face, and then collect them in a pot with a spot of oil and apply the force and process of heat, and as they start to pop (new life!!), make sure said face is close enough to experience every lovely, and perfect white morsel as a bang, ahem, slap in the face.

Little bang little bang little bang little bang little bang.

There really is nothing sweeter than fresh popcorn.