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  1. Tim Noakes

    A good place to start for an “evidence-based kinda gal” is Gary Taubes’ book: Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It. Obesity did not exist in “primitive” societies eating their traditional foods and occurs to the greatest extent in Polynesian populations that have most recently swapped their traditional foods, usually sea foods, coconut oil and other products of the sea, for sugar, white flour and the other highly processed foods of the Western Diet. This suggests that the cause of obesity (and diabetes) is really quite simple. The reason why the cause is projected as being complex and due to “multiple causes” is because if the true singular cause was ever accepted, it might be possible to solve the problem. But that would have consequences. And those consequences are currently too threatening to the interests of too many.

    So we choose rather to blunder along in our ignorance. With very serious consequences for the health of most people eating our modern diet.

    But for the individual looking for a solution, the answer could be as simple as reading Gary Taubes’ book and trying what he suggests. There is no risk in trying.

  2. Tim Noakes

    I appreciate you are being facetious but proper eating is not just a matter of giving up bread and eating steak. In fact we promote high vegetable intake, lots of fish and an absolute avoidance of sugar and polyunsaturated omega-6 oils. Constipation is prevented by eating low glycaemic vegetables and cooking in coconut oil. Halitosis means that the brain is getting the fuel it really needs – ketone bodies. Much more effective than glucose especially as one ages and the brain becomes progressively less able to use glucose as a fuel for its metabolism. In time that may prove the most important component of this diet because it provides the brain with the fuel that it really needs.

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