Literally the best ice cream, and P.S. on Wasabi Lindt

Looks good right? Now imagine that as ice cream. Apple pie ice cream.

Yes, so it’s not an *original* idea. People have done this before. Even professionals have done this before. And people have reviewed the results. I have not tasted any of these previous efforts, but I will say nonetheless that the apple pie ice cream I served for dessert last night was *literally* the best ice cream. Ever. Recipe after the break:

LITERALLY the best apple pie ice cream:
– Make custard, cool down
– Add cream, and that half tub of cream cheese in the fridge
– Mix in puree of two tired old apples cooked down with a bit of Pimm’s (no. 7!)
– Churn
– When almost done, add good handful of cinnamon-sugar caramelised walnuts and a half recipe of ritz crunch
– Serve with butterscotch sauce 4.0 (ie. with added rum-soaked raisins).


And finally this.

Dear Lindt “Master Shoclatier(silent s)”

As someone who eats sushi mainly for the wasabi kick, I was excited to try your new wasabi flavoured “dark” chocolate, and eagerly spent the required amount to get me some. For perhaps the first time in my entire life, I have been disappointed by the experience of putting a piece of chocolate into my mouth (well, except the time I ate a mouthful of maggots. But I digress). While chilli and salt may work wonders in chocolate, wasabi does most definitely NOT. You are in entirely the wrong territory. What’s next? Mustard? Ketchup? I hope you see where this is going, and turn back immediately. Oh, and as others have pointed out, less than 50% cocoa doesn’t really qualify as dark chocolate. You should be at least a little bit embarrassed.

Yours, etc.

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  1. A friend of mine brought me this chocolate from Bavaria which contained wasabi-flavored sunflower seeds. By Seidl Confiserie. Literally one of the best things I’ve eaten 🙂

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