Let them eat cake

It was in the wake of a trip to the country, where apples grow on trees rather than in supermarkets, that I ended up with more apples than (even) I could eat. I also had leftover prunes after recently sending a couple of devils on horseback onto the braai (aka barbecue) for crisping, so the logical conclusion was an apple and prune cake.

(It was also, some say, a logical conclusion for Marie Antoinette to suggest that peasants should eat cake rather than bread, since a nationwide flour shortage meant that baking brioche actually worked out cheaper than bread).

But back to the cake. I knew I had a recipe somewhere for exactly what I had in mind, but laziness sent me to Google instead, where I found something that apparently originates from the very same country as myself. I present the “Danish” apple and prune cake:


Danish or not, this cake is, as “Simon G” suggests, truly delicious, though I suspect the supreme moistness of the one that came out of my oven had something to do with the addition of some grated (Danish, I kid you not) marzipan into the mix.

This was mainly because I didn’t have any ground almonds – I had whole ones, which got substituted for the walnuts in the original recipe – but I did have half a roll of marzipan left over from the wedding cake, and have been waiting for the perfect moment to get it into something else. This was a perfect moment, and one which happily continues from the first piece yesterday afternoon with coffee, to late last night with whisky, to this morning after a swim, to whenever the pie dish is empty. Until then, we will eat cake, and if anyone is clever enough to drop by, we will let them eat it too.