Let me not

mislead you into thinking that all the time I am not posting anything here I am busy reading Marx. That would be a misrepresentation.

In fact I’ve been involved in some indulgent socialising.

On Saturday night there was the rabbit fiesta. The specific recipe was taken from this book, I believe:


Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the dish – come to think of it, I didn’t even see it in its finished state; when we got to the table it was all “plated” – but it involved bacon, which is always good. The rabbit was poultry-like, whereas I had expected something darker and gamier. But it was delicious, as was the parmesan’ed roasted fennel. The biscotti I had baked that afternoon were a hit with the post-prandial port. Much (though not too much) wine was drunk, music and conversation was good and there was almost a view of the city from the table.

It was a civilised way to spend a Saturday evening.

Sunday morning was also civilised. Much (perhaps too much) coffee was drunk in bed.

When I emerged into the world at around lunch time I discovered that a friend of mine was in dire emotional straits and needed tending. So Sunday afternoon was spent drinking champagne in the sun by the sea. A martini was also had, but only once the sun had set. It was all very civilised.

Then there was Monday (it’s still Monday). I received an unexpected and very pleasant lift when two students stayed behind after a class to tell me that they had read my Masters thesis while researching some project they’re working on. They were particularly impressed (as undergraduate students are, I suppose) by the fact I had actually read all the books listed in my bibliography (heh heh). They were also enthused about the content, and my arguments. And right there, on the heels of a very recent crisis about the point of what I’m doing, came the best affirmation of all: readers. I was quite touched. My thesis shall not gather dust.

I guess this makes it a good Monday. I also put together a nice little pasta sauce (salami, aubergine, tomato, wine) which would very shortly be meeting a bowl of spaghetti. But I’ve just now been rerouted to have dinner with another friend at the Ocean Basket, local (cheap) seafood down the road. Suits me nicely. Spaghetti tomorrow then.