Lessons (re-)learned from Thor 3D

On the film:

1. Do not trust IMDB ratings (7.6: really?).

2. Do not be fooled by the quality connotations of “Kenneth Branagh” or “Anthony Hopkins”.

3. Do not expect visual wonders from “3D”: here it was obviously just a ploy to sell you stoopid glasses @R6 each.

4. Natalie Portman does not make everything better.

4. Take home lesson: Do read many reviews before committing to 2 hours of schlock.

On the cinema-experience:

1. Cinemas are full of morons.

2. Paying for popcorn at cinemas is a fucking rip-off.

3. On Nu-Metro’s chocolate salt for popcorn: really?

4. Take-home lesson: stay at home (or just enjoy a drink by the fireplace at 221, perhaps followed by a steak at Belthazar, and then go home).