#LCHF never fails. Except when it does.

Move over Big Fat Surprise, ‘Nutritionist, bestselling Author, and Speaker’ Christine Cronau┬áis way ahead of the (ahem) curve when it comes to ‘reporting on the biggest health blunder in history’, and teaching you how to revolutionise your body with fat. But don’t think of any of this as a diet:

LCHF no diet

All of which is pretty inspirational stuff! How sad then, that the magic just doesn’t work for some. Here are some of Cronau’s own fans (posted on her Facebook page):

Two weeks ago I gave up coffee, the only thing I drink all day long is carbonated water with fresh lemon juice. My meals consist of scrambled eggs with cream cooked in loads of butter, mushrooms and bacon, Green smoothie containing Spinach, half an avocado, scoop of gluten free low sugar protein powder, water. cream and coconut oil, homemade pumpkin soup with loads of thickened cream, quiche/frittata with loads of cream, zuchini, leek and spinach. Red meat and green vegies etc. I am extremely alkaline and got hold of some ketostix and happy to say I am in ketosis. YET………….I don’t sleep very well and my weight is not budging at all, in fact tried on some clothes that fit me 6 months ago and can’t do them up, so frustrating and upsetting. Like I said if it wasn’t for these inspirational stories I would have given up for sure. Not sure what I am doing wrong


I didn’t put on, but I stayed almost the same weight for 6 months while I watched my husband lose over 25kg. Frustrating to say the least. I ended up going to a naturopath, as I thought there may be something going on that I couldn’t see – sure enough, there was! Obviously not all naturopaths and nutritionists are the same – you need to find one who is supportive of this lifestyle.

Of course it is sad and frustrating for them. But even sadder is watching the cognitive dissonance at work (yes, it is an unfunny irony that this is exactly what Prof. Noakes accuses his UCT colleagues of) as people just refuse to accept that it might just not work for everyone. Let’s reframe the above:

Q. I’m in ketosis which is great, but I feel like shit. What am I doing wrong?

A. Ketosis?


“Logic”: I’m eating lots of fat and putting on weight. It can’t just be me! Let me find some quack (not just any mind you – it has to be one who agrees with what I’ve already decided is the issue) who can help to convince me that it can’t be *just* because I’m eating more calories than I expend.

Some of this stuff is depressing enough to make dinner with Deepak Chopra sound compelling.