So, in response to my previous post, Mr. 302 said the “best [he] could come up with was Buck Fizz: champagne and orange juice”. Well I don’t know about your fridge but any day that that’s the best mine can offer is a good one.

Speaking of champagne, and dinner with friends, I had the privilege of being invited round to partake in a special kind of bubbly: it was a Nitida Shiraz champagne. Yup. Red bubbly. It was actually lovely.

The problem with red wine in the summer is the heat, so you end up drinking reds that work well chilled, like Sangiovese or Carignan. Being light reds, they like the fridge, but they still have that “red” edge, slight tannic bitterness that in the end make whites preferable.

The bubble element takes that away and makes this the perfect wine to share with friends on a Sunday evening. The dinner that followed complimented the occasion beautifully: gnocchi with home-made pesto and a salad of rocket, basil, feta, olives and tomato. All the herbs had been picked from the garden during the first glass of bubbly. Talk about organic. And clean, homemade food with company to match.

It has been an unexpectedly lovely conclusion to a dire few days where friends have been good to have.

Gnarls Barkley:
I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind
there was something so pleasant about that place
Even your emotions have an echo
and so much space

hahaha bless your soul
you really think you’re in control

Gnarls is great to funk up any time. But it is not great to lose your mind. It just happened to a friend and it has been the most twisting experience to see someone you know disappear, even if for a few hours. We must guard our saneness.