Welcome to intellectual Africa, Nina

Just a short Public Service Announcement, for anyone who happened to miss it on the Twitters yesterday.

Earlier this month, Tim Noakes said something rather sensible, worth a retweet I thought:


Yesterday he then puzzlingly recommended that for the “truth” about science, everyone should read a book about nutritional science by a non scientist (there are no secrets here, it’s called Big Fat Surprise, by Nina Teicholz, and if you want to save yourself the trouble of reading it, you can just go cruise Noakes’ Twitter timeline, where he quotes from and links to the book at least several times a day).

hmm(Hmm, I guess Teicholz’s publisher must rather like him, someone conspiratorial might wonder)

Well, when reminded about the whole “science by scientists in the trenches” business, the lady author of said book seemed to get upset, suggesting by analogy that that was as absurd as saying that only athletes may write about sport. She also mistakenly believed that the idea had originated from me, rather than from the esteemed Prof himself. But rather than step in to clear up that confusion, along with, perhaps, a qualifier, or an “oops, my bad”, or “did I really say that? I must have been drunk!”, or (the people do love this one) “I’ve changed my mind!”, he offered this:


I won’t bother to unpack the many levels on which this is insulting, and should be to every thinking person on this continent. I won’t even say what I’d really like to say to Tim Noakes, because that would be stooping to the ground on which he brown-noses authors who confirm all his own biases and trades in insults rather than admit to having contradicted himself.

I guess I’ll just join him in welcoming Nina to the thinking corner of the dark continent. Watch out for the savages –┬ámost of us have been corrupted by Twitter already.