It’s been some time since I have found myself at home in the favourite company of myself. Days and weeks have been busy and I always find myself longing for solitude when I can’t have it and then mildly anxious when I do find it. You get used to distractions as much as you loathe them when they appear as obligations. But Cassandra Wilson always manages to soothe me into myself. She’s got this voice that longs for a smoky jazz bar (where you will find her, in fact, in The Score) and makes loneliness sound sad and sexy…

“Once again I’ll search the darkness of the night
All alone
I walk each street until I find someone who is,
just like me,
searching for
some company…”

Anyway. Sunday night. Alone but not lonely. I came up with this little number to inaugurate the sunset:
1 (large) part vodka
1 good dollop of homemade lemon sorbet
lots of ice
dash of Angostura Bitters
shredded basil

I think I’ll call it Debored’s Second Vice.

It’s not for nothing that my mother calls me the queen of leftovers.

(Postscript: mid-writing I received an invitation for dinner with friends. I did not refuse. Yeah well. Friends are good too)

One Reply to “Innervation”

  1. That looks good, the best I could manage was buck fizz, champagne and orange juice. And then some Cobra alcohol free beer because I missed the cut-off and it’s the only thing available over the counter.

    Musically, I an trying to construct, “the trip v02,” picked up the latest version of the Series in terminal three and it always inspires me. Cassandra Wilson is great, not everybody’s cuppa tea but then that’s why we like her, we are discerning.

    And even solitude requires some kind of work but I prefer it on Sundays.

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