Imagine a life

of work, food, sleep, and no time to blog. This is it.

I can manage a cursory list, however, of good things ingested recently:

Out: last night, braised guinea fowl (on a blahblah risotto, with blahblah sauce) at Rozenhof on Kloof; it was tender and delicious, but too much, particularly after the not-so-light souffle that was my starter.

In: chicken breasts stuffed with smoked sundried tomatoes and sage, wrapped in parma ham, and served with petit pois a la moutarde (blahblah), and home-baked sourdough bastoni with olives. The poule was followed by chocolate souffle (and it rose!). That was me at the stove; one for the books.

In: pasta (penne?) with fresh porcini and – aaaaaah – Jordan Whole Nine Yards Chardonnay. A wine that appeals to my decadent side.

In, severally: biscotti with cardamom and pecan nuts (a winning combination).

Out: a fine little steak at Hatfields, a fine little restaurant close to the Jewish Museum.

Tonight: in/out, who knows. But recent trends bode well for it being fine, whatever it is.