If you run out of popcorn

but happen to have a couple of sweetcorn lying in the fridge, do this and you’re on the road to Wellville:


And so passes another week of hard work and hard play, with some good returns and some less good. Good: the completion of two dollar-earning articles; news of potential funding for my first conference (this also involves my first trip to the us of ah. Texas of all places); solid socialising with old and new friends; a tender pepper steak and vintage bubbly. Less good: fatigue.

Javol. Tomorrow’s going to be another long day, home after 8. My new strategy is to plan ahead. So, in the oven, a non-traditional peposo. This is an Italian boeuf-bourgignon-type dish, minus the trimmings. Basically tough meat in a bottle of red wine and a lot of pepper cooked overnight in a cool oven. Tomorrow morning it will be thick and tender and the thought of getting back to it will pull me through the day. Mine obviously has plenty of garlic, half an onion and very possibly some mushrooms (to be added pre-consumption). If it’s really tender I’ll flake the meat and cook spaghetti for a bolognese that will rock your world.