I scream, he screams: not the peanut butter!

Since the philosophe gifted me with an ice-cream maker for our anniversary which is turning out to be a ridiculously fun way to use up wierd things in the (bar) cupboard, I suppose I should start a catalog of the thousand and one flavours which look set to emerge from our (fabulous) kitchen.

So far:

1. Coconut and saffron (inspired by the master himself). No booze in there. Delicious nevertheless.

2. Lemon and almond frozen yoghurt. Booze: honey liqueur (and note that making ice-cream is not just a way for me to sneak more alcohol into my body: it helps keep the stuff from going rock hard in the freezer).

3. Peanut butter and cardamom “frozen yoghurt” (there is yoghurt in there, but also sour cream and milk, but no eggs. So call it what you will). Booze: grappa.

No tasting notes on 2 and 3 yet; so far they patiently await dinner guests tomorrow evening. (But a small sample before wouldn’t be an entirely stupid idea.) More on that. Later.

(Sneak preview of an idea that is taking hold: bloody mary sorbet. Isn’t it just too obvious???)