I have a dongle!

Yes, I am slow to technology. I have now, for several years, dismissed cell phones with in-built cameras (that’s what cameras are for!) and steered clear of conversations that involve Bluetooth (because, who knows what it is, and who needs it).

But then I acquired the phone with the camera. Yet, between selling off my trusty old digital camera – how exciting it was just 6 years ago when I had a camera that could take 60 minutes of MOVING images! – and today, I have been unable to have any real fun with the pictures I’ve taken, because for some reason the cable connections between phone and computer failed, and I had no dongle (if you need to ask you don’t need to know).

So, now for evidence of the chocolate souffle I boasted about not so long ago:

And just the other day, there was a cherry pie. It wasn’t as sweet as Sade, and to be honest, the base was too thick and therefore a little stodgy. But who cares, what the dongle don’t see don’t matter.

One Reply to “I have a dongle!”

  1. I remember when i first encountered the dongle conundrum, I was tasked with reconciling IT ‘kit’ and there was this rather expensive item called a ‘dongle’ which I was nowhere to be found although I didn’t have a clue as to what I was looking for…I got many an explanation but I just declared it ‘lost.’

    And that’s how the dongle got written off but sometime last year I acquired a bluetooth dongle which amused me for a few days until I dongled it out, and now it’s also been declared as ‘lost.’

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