Huge knots in Franschhoek

It was in great anticipation that we set off on our weekend of gastronomic adventures in Franschhoek, famed as the culinary capital of this South (with more than one award-winning restaurant, and at least one that ranks in the world’s top 50). We booked ourselves a room at the ever-faithful Protea, which did not disappoint (Protea Hotels do well because they never claim to be more than they are: clean beds, good service and even a decent breakfast, all at a good price).

Alas, the culinary side didn’t fare as well as the hotel. I won’t bother with reviews here, but suffice it to say that the two restaurants we were really looking forward to eating in (having made reservations a week in advance!) just weren’t worth it. One of those unfortunate situations where good-quality, well-prepared food just isn’t matched by service or atmosphere, and therefore fails as an “experience”.

We did have a fantastic lunch at the famed Bread and Wine (thankfully, as expected) – just look at this:



You really can’t go wrong with great charcuterie, good wine, and yumfull bread (not pictured here, but they make bread with a righteous crust, perfect for olive-oil and balsamic dippage).

Other than that, the best times were in the more unexpected places, like a village square full of real people and some non-stellar but very decent food. That’s where we got to do the one thing that we do best, and that should be the only real pursuit in a town called Franschhoek: be French!



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